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Edited by Diana S. Waite. Essays by William Brandow, T. Robins Brown, Douglas G. Bucher, Harold Colbeth, John A. Gander, Cornelia Brooke Gilder, David Haviland, William J. Higgins, Andrea J. Lazarski, John I Mesick, Tara P. Monastero, Jessica Fisher Neidl, Willow Partington, Kenneth G. Reynolds Jr., Norman S. Rice, Lewis C. Rubenstein, Hicks Stone, Erin M. Tobin, and Walter Richard Wheeler.
"As a city that is older than the country, Albany has a rich tradition of noteworthy architecture. This book documents the work of 36 esteemed architects and their firms who raised the bar and left an indelible mark on our heritage. It makes a fascinating read for individuals of all backgrounds and interests." --Edward C. Farrell, Executive Director

"If all the buildings mentioned herein were still standing, Albany would be one of the architectural wonders of the Western world. That so much of quality and of historical interest remains--given the depredations of time and man--is a cause for celebration. Ongoing scholarly research had resulted in an up-to-date local classic. And as this compilation has been 30 years off and on in the making, it will most likely be the latest printed word for years to come." --Normas S. Rice, Director Emeritus, Albany Institute of History and Art

"Architects in Albany is a readable and thoroughly researched book on the local and national architects whose buildings enhance the capital city today. It is published as a companion volume to the critically acclaimed and best-selling Albany Architecture, published in 1993 by Mount Ida Press. You will find Architects in Albany a useful and entertaining addition to your library." --Matthew Bender IV, a founder of Historic Albany Foundation