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For readers interested in uncovering the history of the Empire State, The Best of New York Archives highlights some of the most popular articles of the unique, award-winning publication—as told through the records of the men and women who made it.

Home to some of the United States' most important historical treasures, the New York State Archives serves as steward for more than two hundred million records of New York's colonial and state governments from 1630 to the present. Contributions from Pulitzer Prize winners to best-selling authors mine this wealth of information to tell lively and engaging stories of New York State's rich history. From the pages of The Best of New York Archives, nearly four hundred years of history comes alive.

The New York State Archives Partnership Trust is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established in 1992 to develop support for Archives' programs not funded by the state. Thousands of New Yorkers with a passion for history have joined together to make the State Archives and the documents in its collection more accessible to all through membership and annual fund support of the Trust. While it complements and expands the reach of the State Archives, the Trust defines new ground in developing partnerships for preservation, access, education, and outreach programs that extend beyond the availability of state funded activities.

New York Archives magazine is a benefit of Trust membership. This award-winning publication is a shining example of collaboration between the New York State Archives and Trust with history enthusiasts, scholars, and other historical repositories around the Empire State, bringing untold stories and extraordinary happenings to light.